Kilted Bushido Builds only ships to the U.K & Europe.
If you're in the U.S.A, Canada or anywhere else that side of the pond, then please contact Brickhousebuilds through the link below.

how it began

Kilted Bushido Builds came into existence just over 1 year ago. The idea for it came about after I’d connected with quite a few like minded individuals in the creative maker, motorbike tinkering/building scene through my personal Instagram page from the beginning of the Pandemic in March ’20. 

After getting through the winter of ’20, I had the idea of trying to build an online community; with a more structured presence using various specific hashtags to connect us all. I decided to give this a go in early February ’21. I then thought of using the live video call function on Instagram, to help bring even more people together. And as this was being done more & more through various platforms due to the whole Isolation effect of Lockdown, I thought what have I got to loose by trying it out.

So after asking a few mates if they’d be on for doing a live chat, I went for it. The first few were met with a surprisingly good response, which then made me go looking for other similar minded folks, to share their stories, outlooks, tips, tricks & methods. After doing quite a few over most of the Spring & early Summer these evolved into what are now known as

‘Bushido Brake’downs’.


Early in ’20 I’d started thinking of doing a complete rewire on my Yamaha XV750 bobber build. So I started researching on the internet to see what products were available, as I wanted to go with something different than what the majority of folks were using. This being a common trait of mine!

My search led me to a product called the ‘Morty’ unit & the Youtube install video that B.J English at Brickhousebuilds had done not so long before that. After reaching out to him, again through Instagram; I was put in touch with the guys of (as it was then called) NUUT in Canada. So after having an email conversation in regards to my plans for my bobber & the suitability of the units they had at that time.

They then suggested I wait until their upcoming December sale started. This made me think, ‘these guys really must believe in their product’, as they are telling me to wait; so that ‘I’ can save money. so that’s what I did & I received my Morty Unit, just before Christmas ’20.


By the beginning of summer of ’21, the Bushido Brake’down calls had gathered a regular audience. So in July, I set one up with the guys from NUUT.

This was my way of giving back, by putting the word out in the community of the products they had & the awesome customer service that they offered. This proved to be a real interesting one, as they mentioned their plans for the future & some new products & ideas they were working on for us Garage/Shed builders.

Off the back of this call, the guys decided to give me 1 of each of their units (Morty, Marty & Tricky) to giveaway during my Bushido Brake’downs. So this I did randomly between August & December. Looking back now, I think the giveaway really made folks in the community more aware of NUUT & what they’d been doing & continued to do for the folks like myself working out of our Garages & Sheds.

nwtcycletronic Affiliation

As you all know by now & if you’re here reading this, is that I’ve gone into an affiliation with NUUT, (who have now rebranded themselves as NWTCYCLETRONIC) along with BRICKHOUSEBUILDS after they offered me the opportunity in early December ’21. What does this mean though, you might be asking yourselves.

Well, for Kilted Bushido Builds, it means this will be the go to website for the products from Canada if you live in the U.K or Europe. We want to do this to bring more choice, more product information, more customer support & fairer prices to the market for customers like you & I.

And for me personally, it’s also about continuing to build on the already existing community of like minded people on Instagram & hopefully, in the not too distant future, Youtube as well.


Lastly what I’ve been thinking is, if you buy anything from this website, and would like to, please feel free to email me photo’s or reach out to me on Instagram

You can do this, either through a D.M or by tagging me & NWTcycletronic in your posts. This way we can continue to help & inspire others, help build on the community side of things & it’s a cool way of showing how and where we’ve used the parts on our bikes/builds.


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