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What is an X21?

The X21 is a full motorcycle electrical control unit that operates the necessities on your bike.

What does an X21 do?

The X21 uses smart operation to control things like your headlight, taillight, brake light, turn signals, horn, starter, and your kill switch in a compact and modern design.

How do I know what regulator rectifier I need?

As some bikes require a field coil and some do not it can be confusing to know what you need. If you are unsure please send an email to or email me at

I live in the U.S.A/Canada. Can I buy from you?

If you live in the U.S.A or Canada you can absolutely purchase NWT Cycletronic products but EXCLUSIVELY through BRICKHOUSEBUILDS.  B.J is able to ship quickly to either U.S.A or CANADA to have your product fast and affordably by avoiding extra import fees.

How powerful is the battery you offer?

Our battery has a rating of 155CA which is more than enough to start nearly any motorcycle. The Ferro-Phosphate composition gives our battery a great charge density which means full power for longer. These batteries are more robust than typical Lithium-Ion batteries.

Do you offer any controls for 1″ handlebars?

No. This will likely change in the future with demand but currently we are working to source 1″ controls that meet our requirements.

I have never wired a motorcycle before. Is this something I can do?

YES YOU CAN! All products offered are intended to be installed by anyone with a few tools and the ability to ask questions. We do our best to provide you with all necessary information with your purchase but when you buy from NWT Cycletronic or any of the two affiliates you get the best support out there! We encourage you to ask any questions you need to help you get the job done. Our goal is for you to actually get out there and ride your bike so we won’t quit until you do so!

What is better the X21 or the M-Unit?

For years the M-Unit has been the only option for a full controller unit so understandably this question comes up often. It is not my goal to talk negatively about the M-Unit but simply show you another option. We feel the X21 system is a far greater value for your money. We feel the X21 does everything you need it to do and more with its compact, reliable, lightweight, modern design. The X21 systems are designed and manufactured in house by a small team of people whos focus is on functionality over frizzy apps. The system just works. Finally, when you purchase an X21 you not only get the product but also the support. As mentioned above NWT Cycletronic and the two affiliates are all here to help you if and when you need us. Should there be an issue you always have the comfort of knowing there is a hassle free 2 year replacement warranty.

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