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If you're in the U.S.A, Canada or anywhere else that side of the pond, then please contact Brickhousebuilds through the link below.


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Just received my x21 and amazed how small and light weight it is. Looks like it can be installed in some tight areas. Switches feel good solid quality and look like they will last a good while. Wiring loom is a good length to get round your bike and good quality cables. Should cut down the headache of the wiring mess

Neil Stevenson


Earlier this year I started my first ever custom motorcycle build..I'm not a complete novice as I've tinkered with cars over the years but I've always found the wiring side of things very difficult. So after hours and hours of head scratching trying to sort the electrical gremlins on my 1976 cb550 I took the decision to remove it all and start again.
This is when I started looking online for other solutions to simplify the wiring and also gain some reliability in the process by using some modern components.
This Is when I stumbled across brickhouse builds YouTube channel and the x21 system. It looked perfect for somebody like myself who has limited electrical knowledge. So I placed the order with kilted bushido builds and a couple of days later a perfectly packaged parcel arrived. Everything individually packaged and with so many little bits and pieces included to make installation a breeze. NWT electronics technician made me a custom wiring diagram for my bike using my chosen lights and gauges etc which was so easy to understand.
I set about installing everything by using the excellent pdf instructions  which are downloadable from the website. The whole system is so user friendly and intuitive to install it really does make it a pleasure to install which is never something I thought I'd say about wiring!
Also having Al on hand to ask questions and gain support from is such a refreshing change from most companies. The customer support I received after purchasing the x21 has been something I've never experienced before with any other company. Al suffered all of my questions and messages with quick replies and I never felt like I was being a nuisance even though I probably was!
Fantastic product, Ive really enjoyed building this bike and I can't wait to get into the next one and Ill definitely be using  NWT electronics x21 system again. 
Thanks again guys it's been a pleasure 

Aaron Dean


Unboxing Video Review from Jonathan Hull & Son.

Jonathan can be found on his website and on Instagram.

"Fast and friendly service with a back-up service second to none that's what "NWTcycletronic" and "kiltedbushidobuilds" give you.

Having previously bought the older "Morty" system from NWT, I needed a regulator/rectifier to complete the electrical system on my build, an email to the NWT tech team who responded quickly with an answer to which one I needed, bought from Al on his website and it was with me in three days, that's great service!!

Living in the UK and having Al as a supplier for UK and Europe is great news for this product which is built to a high standard and aimed at the budget builder.

I will have no hesitation in buying from Al again, thanks again Al".

Xs400 Caferacer Build.

David Rowan


"If you're looking for an alternative to expensive custom motorcycle wiring solutions, you've found the solution! NWT really are doing it differently and it's incredibly cool to see the company landing products in Europe finally!

Huge thanks to Al at Kilted Bushido Builds for not only supplying these incredible units, but also for supporting the bike building community in Europe and further afield! There's no one I'd rather spend my hard-earned money with and I'm very proud to have his support behind me also!

Shipping was super fast, service efficient and friendly, everything you'd expect of someone who really cares!"

Euan Ryan


"I have dealt with NWT previously and could not fault them for product, price, and most importantly customer service. So when they said they will now have a representative in Europe/U.K I was over the moon as it meant no more waiting for over a month for bits to arrive from Canada (where NWT are based).

I was refered to Al of Kilted Bushido Builds (Europe/U.K rep) and from the get go he lived up to NWT standards, he answered all my questions and ones he didn't know the answer to, he would find out and get back to me. He gave me the confidence to order from him and didn't disappoint. Once my order was placed I received a tracking number the next day and within 48hrs of that, I received my goods.

Al is a true gent and I can't wait to get more bits from him in the future."

Arif Patel

London Firefighter

Having made a rod for my own back by choosing an over-complicated project bike, tackling the electrics was something I knew I'd have to face at some point.  I'd seen many custom builders use the obvious wiring solution but wanted to see if there were any other options out there that offered similar functionalty but also greater value.
I'd spotted NWTcycletronics on my many web searches and had stored the name away for when it would be required.  My interest was renewed when I saw that the X21 was on the horizon and it was around this time that I stumbled across Al's feed through mutual Instagram friends.  His approach of building a community and bringing like-minded folk together was really refreshing and when I learnt that he'd be an affiliate for NWT, the story dovetailed together beautifully.
Al suffered my questions and dithering for a few weeks while the products were being shipped to him and patiently waited for me to get my order in.  Once placed, Al swung into action and got the package on its way within hours.  It arrived safely a couple of days later and I've been blown away by the quality of the components and the support offered by NWT and by Al himself.  I'm now looking forward to getting the bike wired up and losing the old cumbersome loom in favour of a simplified, functional solution.
I can't recommend working with Al highly enough and suggest that any considering a custom wiring solution speak to him immediately.

Ed Iles


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